Product order process

1. After accessing the AshwaLife home page and familiarizing yourself with its content, visit the PRODUCTS section.

2. The PRODUCTS page will provide you with a list of all AshwaLife products, through which you will be able to select the desired product/s.

You will do this by adding the products you want to the basket. The basket is located below the image, to the right of the name and price of the product (icons indicated in squares).

After selecting the product, go to the VIEW BASKET section.

3. The basket contains the products you ordered in the desired quantity, as well as the price. If you decide to decrease or increase the quantity, you can do so using the arrows (“up” for a larger quantity or “down” for a smaller quantity) in the QUANTITY column. If you want to remove one of the products from the basket, click on the red X located to the left of the product image.

4. After reviewing the order and deciding to purchase, click on the CONTINUE PAYMENT option.